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Regardless of their size, regardless of the complexity operating companies can be unsatisfied about contractor’s performance with respect to personnel lack of experience, poor commitment and follow up in daily tasks..

O&G Service providers are making extremely complex proposals containing couples of hundred pages pricelists with multiple footnotes making the understanding of the contract very difficult for an non-expert. They as well usually take advantage of this complexity to introduce very specifics contractual conditions enabling them to over charge the operating company if the commercial requirements of the tenders allow so.

For this reason, we help you designing the commercial and not commercial technical part of the tender to avoid such abuses. Premium Human Resources is the missing link between your company and the service providers.


PHR services include consultancy, Payroll management, Insurance, local administration,QAQC and contract Management services following industry best standards and processes.

Because disastrous operations can have very high cost implications for the operating companies, especially in remote environment, we provide a full range of services from staffing, contract management to quality assurance and auditing services ensuring you flawless operations within forecasted budget.


Nowadays, Oil & Gas industry is encountering challenges with services companies providing testing, wireline and drilling services due to high turnaround of personnel, usually very young and lacking of expertise.

Premium Human Resources brings you expertise and assurance of a project well executed due to our field, managerial and marketing experience along our career in the best Oil & Gas services companies.
We provide personnel of choice for all O&G industry major players.
We have as well a proven record of matching contractor’s needs with companies’ directions. With more than 20 years’ experience, we ensure that the personnel made available to our client fit for the purpose of their mission and that his qualifications are aligned with the objectives of the assignment.